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Dr. Rick Rosen Discusses Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2017

Cosmetic surgeon Rick Rosen, M.D., reports that the biggest trend he is noticing in his practice in Norwalk, Connecticut, is the appeal of walk-in/walk-out procedures. He is also getting a large number of requests for the Brazilian butt lift. In … Continue reading

Dr. Rick Rosen Now Offering Kybella© Double Chin Treatment

Ever look at a selfie and say, “Dang, there’s that submental fullness again.” Probably not. But you might be one of the 67% of the public who are embarrassed, frustrated and just plain annoyed with the dreaded double chin, the … Continue reading

Connecticut Plastic Surgeon Says Kylie Jenner is Helping Boost Lip Enhancement Procedures

Subheading: The Safe Way to Make Your Lips More Appealing  Like many other plastic surgeons around the country, Connecticut Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rick Rosen has seen a recent influx of young female patients wishing to enhance the appearance of their … Continue reading

Connecticut Plastic Surgeon Says Many Patients Removing Large Implants for Natural Breast Augmentation

Dr. Rick Rosen a Connecticut Plastic Surgeon reports that there has been a significant shift towards natural breast augmentation.  Dr. Rosen says, “there seems to be a trend happening on TV, many of my patients are commenting on celebrities removing … Continue reading

Connecticut Plastic Surgeon says Big Breasts are Out and Big Buttocks are In

Dr. Rick Rosen a Connecticut Plastic Surgeon says that the current trend in cosmetic surgery is more natural breast augmentation and the Brazilian butt lift has really grown in popularity.  Dr. Rosen goes on to say “I never thought I … Continue reading