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Frequently Asked Questions are a traditional feature of many websites, and Dr. Rosen here in Fairfield County, CT decided to include them in our site because so many people find them an easy way to learn. If you have a particular question in your mind about a particular cosmetic procedure, you might find it on the Questions page for that procedure. You can jump right to it, without reading through material on the main page that perhaps you already know.

Others like the format of short answers to specific questions, rather than several paragraphs about the topic in general. We all learn in our own ways, so please use our website in whatever way best suits you. Some of the questions may not be “frequently asked” at all, but may be questions we have been asked, so we include them.

Dr. Rosen has been offering these cosmetic surgery procedures to Fairfield County, CT residents for many years now. He has excellent training and experience, and stays up to date with new ideas and technology, adding them to our offerings when he feels that they have been thoroughly tested and proven. Please contact us to arrange for a initial consultation. This would be the way to meet Dr. Rosen and his staff, and to start the ball rolling for any procedure you would like to consider having. We hope to meet with you soon.

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