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Body Lift FAQ

What is body lifting?

Body lifting procedures are becoming more and more popular recently due to the increase in bariatric surgery. When patients lose tone in the skin due to dramatic weight loss, the skin may not re-drape totally causing hanging of the skin and fat that is left. Incisions are made to try to be inconspicuous as possible and the extra skin and fat are removed making a tighter contoured look.

Who is an ideal candidate for a body lift?

Patients who have had a significant weight loss or have lost tone due to age or prior illness are ideal candidates for this procedure. Patients who wish to have cellulite and fat removed but do not have tone to have liposuction would benefit from this as well.

Why can’t I just have liposuction?

Liposuction removes a significant amount of fat under the skin in different areas. The skin must have significant tone and tensile correction strength to tighten over the smaller amount of fat underneath. Patients who have already lost a great deal of weight may not be able to tighten further with additional fat amounts removed with liposuction.

When can I go back to work?

That depends on the work that one does as well as which procedure is performed. Most of the lower body lifts and thigh lifts will require approximately 10-14 days off of work. As skin and fat only are typically worked on, there is not a long period of discomfort.

What can I expect after my body lift surgery?

Most patients can appreciate the improvement quite soon after the surgery. Most of the time the incisions are closed with self dissolving sutures which improve scarring and remove the necessity of discomfort from suture removal. After a period of time you are placed in a garment to assist healing and contouring.

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