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Breast Augmentation FAQ

Why do women have breast augmentation surgery?

Women have breast augmentation surgery to enhance their breast area due either to underdevelopment of the breast, or to loss of fill volume following weight loss or pregnancy. Breast augmentation has become the most commonly performed procedure carried out by plastic surgeons nationally. It has been the most commonly performed procedure in my office for a number of years.

Do I need to wait until after I have children?

No. The two most common time periods when considering breast augmentation are for women who are not considering pregnancy at the time and following pregnancy. The only suggestion I would make is that if a woman is actively trying to get pregnant she may want to consider waiting.

What about breast feeding?

Following pregnancy, with or without breast feeding, the breast volume may diminish. Recommendations are to wait at least 3 months following pregnancy, or ending breast feeding to consider the procedure. This allows full tightening effect of the skin to take place, as well as allow the volume in the breast area to stabilize and permit optimum sizing of the implant.

Should the implants be placed above or below the muscle?

I place 99% of the implants under the muscle. The reasons for this are that the implants look and feel more natural, stay softer longer, due to the daily massage of the implants just with using the arms. The muscle acts as an interface for mammography studies, permitting the radiologist to see implant, muscle, and then breast tissue. In addition, the muscle acts as an interface if breast feeding is considered in the future, to give the woman piece of mind. The only advantages I see of implants over the muscle are less pain, and the ability to correct some ptosis (drooping) of the breast without a breast lift. They may look better early on, but in my opinion they do not hold up and have a tendency to appear fake.

What types of implants do you offer?

There are 2 main categories of implants, silicone or saline. Each type comes round/smooth, round/textured, or anatomic/textured. I use predominately round/smooth implants for augmentation. I find them to be the most natural feeling and appearing. I feel that silicone implants are safe and a much better product. The FDA approved the implants again for usage last year, although I have been part of the study for the last 6-7 years using the implants safely with excellent results. I find the textured implant types to give a higher incidence of rippling or seeing the edges of the implant, as well as commonly leaving too large of a gap between the breasts.

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If you are considering breast augmentation with either silicone or saline implants, contact Dr. Rosen to discuss all of your options. Schedule your initial consultation, or call the office at 203-899-0000.

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