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Facelift FAQ

What is a facelift?

A facelift is a tightening and rejuvenating procedure of the face. Typically the procedure is performed on women or men starting in the mid 40’s. The procedure entails shorter incisions then were used in the past and produce a much more natural appearance. The facelift procedure involves small incisions well hidden around the ear. Then undermining of the skin is performed. The layers under the skin are tightened. This permits the skin to be placed without tension and avoiding a pulled or artificial look. Healing time is usually under 2 weeks until you are able to resume daily activities.

Is my facelift permanent?

A facelift is not permanent. It turns back the clock, but the aging process continues. Most patients will appreciate benefit from the procedure for approximately 7-10 years. There are a number of factors which determine the length of time that the results will last. Skin tone and quality of the skin (For example, the degree of damage up to the point of surgery, etc.), skin care and nutrition, protection from solar damage and the elements are some of the more important issues.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a facelift are improvement in the neck and jawline, flattening of the folds between the nose and mouth, recontouring of the facial features with tightening of loose skin. The procedure gives the longest lasting correction of the facial aging process. Injectables, last a much shorter period of time, and will end up costing more, as they need to be repeated more frequently.

There are multiple different techniques used. There are no quick fixes. Mini procedures give mini results. Lunch time type facelifts, will give that same type of a result. The procedure, when properly performed, should result in a natural appearance, with well camouflaged scars.

Who is an ideal candidate?

An ideal facelift candidate is a patient typically in the mid 40’s or older who is complaining of laxity of skin in the jowl, neck, or nasolabial fold regions. Ideally, patients should not wait until their 60’s to have the first facelift, as the laxity of the skin may not hold optimally after a facelift and need a touch up after only 2-3 years.

May a facelift be performed at the same time as other cosmetic surgery procedures?

A facelift is commonly performed at the time of eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) procedures, or brow lift procedures. The patient benefits from a natural full-face rejuvenation, keeping the different areas looking as if they go together naturally, as opposed to a youthful neck, but older appearing eye region.

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