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Laser Resurfacing FAQ

Why laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing has become one of the most important tools available to plastic surgeons to improve irregularities in the skin. Most commonly these consist of wrinkle lines, acne scars, laxity of skin, sun damage. Other modalities are not as accurate. The other techniques are dermabrasion and deep peels. The laser is set to a specific depth and controlled much more accurately than the other modalities.

Who is a good candidate for laser resurfacing?

There are different skin types which are classified based on hair color, eye color, skin color and ease of burning when exposed to the sun. The lighter, fairer individuals are excellent candidates for the laser resurfacing procedure. Where darker individuals, may not be candidates due to the potential for darkening of the skin following the procedure.

Do I need Anesthesia?

CO2 laser resurfacing is performed 2 ways depending on the degree of improvement needed. CO2 lite can be performed under topical cream anesthesia with approximate 5-6 day recovery. Standard CO2 treatments require a similar recovery period. It then has a few weeks of redness to the face that needs to fade. The difference is due to the density of treatment.

What happens during laser resurfacing?

The laser beam is passed over the area and essentially evaporates the most superficial layer. It is controlled by the computer onboard the laser so as to be totally accurate in controlling depth. The treated skin then sloughs off as newer healthier skin appears underneath the layer. It also stimulates a major production of new cells, which thickens the skin and is uniformly healthier and smoother.

How long until I am back to normal?

Everyone is different but within 10-14 days of laser resurfacing, you are back to work. Most will require make-up for a period of time until the redness fades.

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