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Liposuction FAQ

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Who is an ideal candidate for liposuction?

The ideal candidate for liposuction is an individual who is within 20% of their ideal body weight and has one or two resistant areas which do not respond to the typical diet and exercise regimens.

Is liposuction permanent?

We have a certain number of fat cells in different parts of our bodies. As one loses or gains weight we do not add or lose fat cells, but each cell actually becomes larger or smaller. After liposuction in a particular area of the body, that area becomes more proportional to the rest of the body and when one gains or loses weight, it is more evenly distributed.

Which type of liposuction do I use? Why?

There are multiple liposuction techniques. I use power-assisted liposuction where the end of the cannulae vibrates, permitting more fat to be removed with less passes of the cannulae. I also use the tumescent or wet technique. Both of these result in less bruising and discomfort postoperatively. I do not use ultrasonic or laser assisted liposuction as I believe the number of side effects out-weigh the advantages as of this time.

What is my recovery from liposuction like?

Patients who have liposuction do not complain of significant pain. Most patients report it feels like they have worked out in the gym too hard. Postoperatively, patients are placed in a compression garment that is worn for 3-4 weeks to assist the skin in tightening over the smaller amount of fat left behind. Down time from most non-physical jobs is quite short.

On what parts of the body is liposuction most frequently requested?

Liposuction is most commonly requested on the outer thigh or lower abdomen region on women, and the love handle region or chest of men. Liposuction may be used on most areas of the body successfully with minimal if any scars left after the procedure.

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