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Male Breast Reduction FAQ

Why should I get male breast reduction?

This is a very common condition among men. More common than most men think. It is a straight forward procedure to perform and permit a man to be comfortable about removing his shirt and showing his chest.

What can I expect during and after my surgery?

Most times this surgery can be performed under twilight anesthesia, and with liposuction only. In a small percentage of patients, an open technique is necessary, but since power assisted liposuction became available, it is not common. After male breast reduction, minor discomfort is present and a vest is applied to keep compression on the area. This is worn for 3-4 weeks. Most patients may resume daily activities in about a week.

When can I get back to normal?

Most male breast reduction patients need at least 5-6 weeks to resume normal sports activities that require arm movements. Light jogging and running may start after 3 weeks. Final appearance will take a number of months, but pleasing results will be apparent after a couple of weeks.

Will there be scars?

As mentioned above, the majority of the time, liposuction will correct the issue. This is a small 2-3 mm scar on the side. If the open technique is necessary, an incision on the lower half of the areola (dark spot) will be necessary, but it usual heals very nicely.

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