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Mole Removal FAQ

What kind of moles should be removed?

Any mole(nevus) which is larger than an eraser head, with irregular borders, mixed pigmentation, and is changing should be removed. By changing, I refer to bleeding , crusting, irritation, darkening, enlarging. Congenital nevi, (i.e. moles) you are born with, have a significant incidence of cancerous change and should be removed if the above are present.

Why should I consider mole removal?

Moles, if they become cancerous with change, will typically develop into melanomas, which can be an aggressive form of cancer. It is therefore better to remove the growths before change develops.

Which type of mole removal is most common?

That depends on the mole in question and who is evaluating the mole. Dermatologists, who will typically screen patients before the plastic surgeon will shave lesions for evaluation. It may not remove the root of the growth and I will commonly excise the entire growth rather than shave the lesion. This will ensure removal and usually leave a better scar.

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