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Scar Revision FAQ

What is a scar revision?

A scar revision is a procedure to improve the appearance of a scar. It may be performed at any time after a scar is formed, although most times, a plastic surgeon will ideally wait until some softening of the surrounding tissues occurs. This will optimize the tissues for improvement. A scar from a prior biopsy, excision, surgery, injury or burn no matter how old may be improved.

What are my other scar revision options?

Other options include dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and laser treatments to remove pigment from the scar.

Do I have to have surgery?

This varies based on the scar in question. Many times novocaine anesthesia can be used on an in-office scar revision. This offers minimal down time. Scars are improved with new suturing techniques, as well as potentially redirecting the scar to fall in wrinkle lines which typically heal better.

Does a plastic surgeon get a better scar?

Not always. But plastic surgeons concentrate on the skin closure and work on the skin almost all the time. Other surgeons concentrate on the “inner tissues” and may not focus on the skin area to the same degree. Using internal self-dissolving sutures which take the tension away from the skin, may result in a finer line.

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