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Laser Hair Removal Connecticut

Laser Hair Removal Connecticut

Ask About Our Laser Hair Removal Specials

Ask About Our Laser Hair Removal Specials

ICON LASER- the newest laser added to the practice by the Palomar company. A multi-technology platform permits treatments from hair removal, IPL treatments for age spots, rosacea, facial vessels and redness, non-ablative laser treatments, ablative laser treatments, leg veins.

The hair removal technology has multiple treatment heads which permit large areas to be treated in 1/3 the time and with less discomfort, and permits treatment of lighter colors of hair which had been resistant to treatment in the past.  More effective treatments lead to less treatments required to achieve your goal. The ICON incorporates the newest and most effective hand pieces available.

Hair removal laser treatments can be performed by multiple different types of lasers. The effectiveness of the ICON and its array of hand-pieces makes it the best choice. Hair grows in cycles, requiring multiple treatments. Minimizing the number of treatments makes for more complete results.

The platform set up permits a perfect adjunct to the Artisan Laser System by Palomar which is the revolutionary all in one laser treatment for facial rejuvenation.

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