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Is Breast Augmentation Safe During COVID-19?

Posted August 25, 2020 in Breast Augmentation

2 Minute Read:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have received many questions about whether or not it is safe to have a breast augmentation done given the circumstances. Our office has been following the issue closely and has adjusted our surgical policies to reflect guidance from the American College of Surgeons, the Plastic Surgical Society, […]

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Restylane Kysse CT

Posted May 25, 2020 in Facial Rejuvenation, Injectables

Galderma the makers of Restylane family of fillers and Dysport a neuro-modulator have come out with a new product specifically made for lip enhancement. With new technology, they have achieved a great new filler which gives a soft feel, and lasts longer. They are all-natural products made from Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally appearing in […]

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Lip Lift vs Lip Augmentation

Posted May 21, 2020 in Lip Augmentation, Lip Lift

With fillers for lip augmentation only lasting so long, a procedure that has been used for a while by plastic surgeons for patients with long upper lips due to aging has now started to catch on with younger patients. The lip lift is that procedure.  There are a number of different techniques used for a […]

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Recovery Guide: Eyelid Surgery

Posted January 07, 2020 in Eyelid Surgery

3 Min ReadWhen a patient undergoes blepharoplasty, commonly known as eyelid surgery, they may have their upper, lower, or both eyelids corrected. While the recovery may take a few weeks to resolve, the results can provide youthful, refreshed eyes that appear more alert. In some patients, repositioning of the eyebrow may be suggested as the […]

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Recovery Guide: Rhinoplasty in Norwalk, CT

Posted December 16, 2019 in Recovery, Rhinoplasty

2 Minute Read Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) can significantly improve the shape and size of your nasal structure. Enhancing a crooked, bulbous, or bumpy nose can also balance out facial harmony.  After adjusting what bothers you about your nose, you will be sent home to recover. But what does that recovery timeline entail? We will discuss […]

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Tummy Tuck Recovery Guide in Norwalk, CT

Posted November 22, 2019 in Recovery, Tummy Tuck

3 min read New innovations have improved the recovery period for tummy tuck surgery. Now that we have more advanced technology, even more precise surgical skills, and extensive guidelines on how to have a more comfortable recovery, tummy tuck surgery is more comfortable and popular than ever before. Pain Relief There are two revolutionary inventions […]

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FDA Recall of Textured Breast Implants

Posted August 08, 2019 in Breast Revision, News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently requested a recall on Allergan’s BIOCELL® textured breast implants due to an association between these implants and BIA-ALCL, or breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Both saline and silicone-filled textured breast implants (and tissue expanders) were included in the recall and are no longer being distributed or […]

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Liposuction Recovery Guide in Norwalk, CT

Posted May 10, 2019 in Liposuction, Recovery

Undergoing liposuction, also known as lipoplasty or suction-assisted lipectomy, can remove localized fat deposits from specific areas of the body (usually from the stomach, hips, lower back, arms or thighs) through a surgical suctioning device known as a cannula, which is a thin, hollow tube. While this procedure can provide great results and improve your […]

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Mommy Makeover Recovery Guide in Norwalk, CT

Posted April 18, 2019 in Mommy Makeover, Recovery

Childbearing can be a joyful, rewarding experience for many women. Throughout the process of pregnancy, the body undergoes weight and hormonal fluctuations that can leave excess fat, skin, and stretch marks on various regions of the body and cause the breasts to sag. Many women are self-conscious about their body after giving birth, but luckily […]

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