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Are there any Non Surgical options for Facial Rejuvenation?

Posted September 11, 2018 in Facial Rejuvenation, Non Surgical, Skincare

I get asked this a lot. What are the Non Surgical options for Facial Rejuvenation?  There is no one plan fits all faces! I like to break it down the following way…

“It starts and ends with the skin”.  Healthy skin with good tone, less wrinkles, no age spots, tight pores, and less oil make all faces look better.  Great skin enhances surgical results, as well as makes someone look better on its own.  I recommend a good skin care regimen based on the appearance of the skin.

The non surgical options start with Botox/Dysport for forehead lines and crows feet, which can elevate the eyebrows making the upper eyelid less hooded, more youthful, and the lines on the sides of the eyes lessened dramatically.  Fillers can be used in conjunction to enhance the cheek area to lift the tissue that have sagged and created the deepening of the folds from the nose to the mouth.  Direct fill of the folds around the mouth and the Marionette lines from the mouth down can be added or used alone.  You may have heard this referred to as a “Liquid Lift”.  At this time I would be amiss not to strongly recommend anyone injecting should have extensive experience and knowledge of the underlying structures of the face.

Lasers and Peels can be used to tighten the skin, lessen wrinkle lines, minimize acne scars,  remove pigmentation and vessels when indicated.  There are multiple options when using Lasers and Peels, so that gives flexibility to the plan.

I am not a believer in Thermage, and other modalities which are similar as I find the results are not consistent from patient to patient with some getting almost no improvement and others mild.  The treatments are not inexpensive, and I see a lot of patients who have been disappointed but have paid a lot for little benefit. The adage in plastic surgery little procedures, little results applies.  I like procedures that work, and have consistent results.

As each person’s face is a different canvas, each requires a consultation to discuss the best options for them. Please call the office at 203-899-0000 to schedule your consultation.

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