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Dr. Rick Rosen Reviews Common Costs Associated with Breast Augmentation Surgery

Posted April 14, 2015 in Breast Augmentation

Breast Reconstruction CTMany patients get sticker shock when it is time to pay for their breast augmentation surgery.  This is very common in the industry, as many cosmetic surgeons advertise the base price but don’t include the extra costs associated with surgery.

Dr. Rosen says, “when considering a surgeon for your breast augmentation surgery do your best not to price shop but make the decision based on the surgeons credentials, experience, and galleries”.    Dr. Rosen states that many patients believe the prices they see online are the total price for the procedure but in most cases there are additional fees for items like, operating room expenses, garments, medications, anesthesia and medical tests.

Dr. Rosen recommends that when considering any cosmetic surgery ask for a detailed list of expenses.  He says that many patients will report prices that are exceptionally low but once they find out the additional fees they realize it was simply a marketing technique.  Dr. Rosen also recommends checking to see if the breast implants being marketed are for Saline or Silicone as there is about a $1,000.00 difference between the two.

Dr. Rosen quotes his procedures based on all the fees involved and believes more transparency or regulation of advertisement should take place.  Also for many that are price shopping Dr. Rosen recommends that if funds are an issue consider using a reputable finance company to finance the procedure, don’t make the decision based on price.  Dr. Rosen also states “about 15% of the procedures I perform are revision breast augmentations”.  In the end many of the patients making decisions based on price end up spending much more.

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