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Is Eyelid Surgery for Me?

Posted October 05, 2018 in Eyelid Lift

eyelid liftEyelid rejuvenation is one of the most popular areas of interest among patients. The eyelid region shows the aging process earlier than other areas on the face. Concerns over looking tired, angry, sleep deprived are commonly heard.

When evaluating the eyelid region, we must evaluate the position of the eyebrows, the amount of extra skin on the upper and lower eyelid, the puffiness around the area, the fine lines around the area, the tone of the eyelids, the position of the lash line among other things.

The upper eyelid heaviness may be due to low position of the brow, or to true eyelid skin. If the brows are low, you must take that into account so that excess skin is not removed, lowering the brow. The brow may be elevated using neuromodulators such as Dysport or Botox, or with a Brow Lift. A brow lift may be performed via many approaches.

With a Blepharoplasty the extra skin of the lid is removed as well as the extra fat that may be there due to genetics. The incisions are placed in naturally occurring lines on the face so that no new lines are created. An appropriate amount of fat removal or transposition takes place to give the eyelid a younger and more youthful appearance. Minimal discomfort, and about a week down time, and most are back to work. Final results will take a few months for all of the swelling to subside. The scars usually are barely seen after 2-3 months.

Fillers can be used to camouflage the puffiness if the puffiness is not to significant. The fillers will last about a year and are used to fill the trough between the puffiness and the side of the nose.

Lasers and peels may also be used to tighten the skin of the area or lessen the appearance of fine lines around the eyelid.

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