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Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide in Norwalk, CT

Posted March 15, 2019 in Breast Augmentation, Recovery

After undergoing breast augmentation surgery, your new figure can make you feel better proportioned and improve your self-confidence. As with any surgery, the recovery can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. Below is a guide to prepare yourself for the weeks following your procedure as well as how to improve your healing time.

Things to Avoid

During your recovery, you should avoid any heavy lifting, which includes picking up heavy children, for at least six weeks. Young ones can be picked up by using your arms and legs to lift them. Applying pressure to the chest area is not recommended. You should not drive until you are finished taking all prescription pain medications and have been cleared by your doctor. The important rule to remember is not to overexert your body and exhaust yourself, as this can cause complications during the healing process.

woman in a white bra

Pain Management

You can expect to feel sore and tired with pressure, swelling, or tightness in your chest region for the first few days after surgery. These symptoms will gradually dissipate, and all remaining discomfort should subside within about four weeks.

Every patient will experience a different level of pain, which can range from mild to moderate. Your surgeon will prescribe oral medications, which should be filled prior to your surgery, so you have them readily available immediately following your surgery. While some patients stick to their prescribed pain medications, others feel that over-the-counter pain medications are adequate to relieve any pain. Listen to your body and how you’re feeling to determine which medicine you prefer to take. EXPAREL® will usually be used at the time of surgery, which is a slow-release novocaine-type product that lessens the need for narcotics significantly. It lasts about three days. A muscle relaxant will also usually be subscribed to reduce the need for narcotics.

Resuming Normal Activities

It is recommended that patients walk around a few hours after surgery to get the blood flowing through the body. Light physical activity can be resumed after a few weeks, and many patients return to work one week after their breast augmentation procedure. Depending on how your body feels and what your surgeon suggests, you “may” be able to return to all regular activities within one or two months, which may include sexual intercourse and exercise. It is important to remember that every patient is unique and there is no precise timeline for recovery. Communicating with your surgeon and following any advice or recommendations is always the best choice to ensure a comfortable experience and minimize complications.

Breast augmentation before and after

For a Comfortable Recovery

Your breasts will be temporarily wrapped in gauze dressings and elastic bandages or a surgical support bra to minimize swelling and support the breasts while you heal. It is recommended that you continue to wear the support bra until cleared by your surgeon.

The best advice for reducing discomfort during your recovery is to adhere to your surgeon’s postoperative care instruction guidelines carefully. Arranging assistance from a friend or loved one for a few days to help with daily activities, childcare, and chores will aid in a quicker recovery. Providing a quiet, comfortable bedroom with plenty of pillows and water will enable your body to relax and recuperate without getting dehydrated. Having plenty of fresh, healthy, easy-to-prepare meals will allow you to regain your energy and help you on your way to enjoying your enhanced breasts.

Dr. Rick Rosen and his staff are dedicated to providing the best care to all patients. If you would like to learn more concerning breast augmentation, please contact our office in Norwalk, CT by calling 203.899.0000 today or fill out our online contact form.

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