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Skin Care in Summer reviewed by Dr. Rick Rosen

Posted June 28, 2018 in Skincare

It is a great time of year!  Outside activities, great weather, beach and pool time, and everyone looks better with a healthy glow to their skin.  But all of that can still take place with proper protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  Without the proper protection, premature aging of the skin, early wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage with skin cancer development all occur.

I recommend and use ZO products for protection, and continued youthful strong skin.  Wash, scrub, and oil control are the basics which keep the skin fresh, and keep pores from getting blocked.  For strength to the protective barrier membrane use a product called Daily Poser Defense, which works with the sunblock to protect from the harmful rays.  I recommend Zinc Oxide or Titanium in your sunblock if using a different brand.  Also remember to reapply the sunblock every few hours, especially if going into the water or perspiring.  You can still get a little color, but be sure you are protecting the skin as much as possible.  There are other products for sun damage, wrinkles, Rosacea, age spots, which are safe to use all year round.

Stay hydrated, we all tend to forget how important this is, your skin looks better and functions better with water…..drink plenty!

A Healthy diet, including Omega 3’s, vitamin C and smart balance help maintain healthy skin also.  Enjoy all the fresh fruits and vegetables summer has to offer!

These protective measures, good skin care, sun protection, hydration and healthy diet do not take long and are well worth the small effort.  Proper care now, will protect from the sun’s damage and have your skin looking young for years.

Take a peek back and I will review more about sunblocks in details, but for now be sure you are using a broad spectrum sunblock containing Zinc Oxide or Titanium!


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