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What is the Right Age for a Facelift?

Posted January 23, 2019 in Facelift

imageThis is a very commonly asked question. Before Botox, Fillers, Lasers there were not many options out there for people to consider as alternatives. Facelifts took place at a much younger age than they did once the above were available. What used to be in the 40’s became the 60’s and now we are back to the 50’s.

There has been a swing back in the recent past, as women are finding the results from surgery are more natural appearing, and actually cheaper than getting fillers every year or two. I find that the neck and jowl region are the determining factors more than the Nasolabial folds for example. There is no consistent modality out there for tightening the neck other than surgery. Neck laxity shows at different ages on women. That becomes the impetus for deciding to proceed.

Starting at an earlier age does not speed up the aging process. It should turn back the clock around 10 years, sometimes longer, but the aging process continues after the surgery. Slowing down the aging, consists of exercise, eating healthy, good skin care to maintain collagen, elastin effect, and protection from the elements.

I am seeing more and more women in the early to mid 50’s turning to the surgical option as the natural results are seen by friends, who are interested in the same improvement.

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