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ZO Skin Care CT

Posted December 07, 2018 in Skincare

ZO skin care is the only line carried in the office due to its overwhelming improvement when compared to other skin care lines on the market today. The founder Dr. Zein Obagi is world renowned for his contributions to skin health, dermatology, peels. His first line Obagi skin care launched in the late 1980’s was the largest medical skin care line in the world. Dr Obagi separated himself from the original line, and in 2012 launched the ZO medical skin care line. The non medical side was launched a few years earlier.

In 5 years, the skin care line has moved up to the top companies in the world for medical skin care sales. At present rate of growth, it should be number 1 in the world soon. Dr. Obagi took his knowledge from the first line and added to it 25 years new technology and anti-inflammatories to make the treatments easier. Working on the philosophy of Skin Health, to assist teenagers with acne, adults with Rosacea, aging skin and wrinkle lines, brown or age spots and laxity, the improvements have been amazing. He has taught the belief that skin goes “to sleep” at about the age of 30, so if we wake it up and revitalize the skin, you can slow the aging process of skin and keep your skin looking young for many many years.

Besides the many different products to treat different skin conditions, different types of skin peels are available to assist in improving the skin. All skin care products are not the same, and we have seen these work when others have failed many times.

Dr. Rosen has been closely associated with the company working directly with Dr. Obagi in his  Beverly Hills, and Laguna clinics for about 15 months recently. He was on the faculty and medical advisory board of the company from 2012-2017.

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