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Body Lift

Body Lift

Tailored for Your Figure

The weight loss journey can be a struggle, both physically and emotionally. People who lose dramatic amounts of weight often find that they still don’t have the physique they desire, with sagging skin and deposits of fat obscuring the new contours of their body. However, the body lift can be tailored to meet a person’s unique aesthetic needs, and it includes a variety of contouring procedures.

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This thank you note is long overdue. I know that I thanked you at least a hundred times already and sing your praises almost daily, but somehow I feel that isn’t enough so here it is in writing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea what a difference you have made in my life. I feel great and can’t get over how different I look. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Thank you, Dr. Rosen.

Achieved With Body Lift

Improved Firmness

The goal of any body lift procedure is to reduce the amount of hanging, excess skin that results from weight loss. During the body lift process, the remaining tissue is draped so the treated area develops a more firm and toned appearance, which many weight loss patients struggle to achieve in the gym.

Attractive Shape

Folds of skin that are common in weight loss patients often obscure the new shape of the body. Flatter bellies and strong muscles are hidden by these redundant folds of unnecessary skin. We can restore the attractive shape of your body by reducing the amount of excess tissue.

Better Comfort

While you may feel better in your skin after weight loss, the excess tissue that remains can cause you discomfort in a new way. Chafing and ill-fitting clothing are issues commonly associated with sagging skin. Removal of this skin can help you feel more comfortable.

Customizing Your Body Lift

The Procedure

  • Your body lift procedure will be customized to target your needs. While each surgery can be performed individually, the procedures necessary for your goals can be combined.
  • Body lift surgery shouldn’t last more than six and a half hours, and if needed, Dr. Rosen will invite another plastic surgeon to assist with the surgery.
  • During your consultation, you and Dr. Rosen will decide which set of procedures is right for you.
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Lower Body Lift

  • The lower body lift addresses laxity that exists around the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks.
  • Also known as a circumferential tummy tuck, this procedure removes unwanted skin and fat from the middle and lower body.
  • This technique requires an extended incision across the abdomen and onto the lower back, stopping just above the buttocks.
  • The medial thigh lift (which can be performed as a standalone procedure) targets excess tissue that accumulates at the inner thigh. We elevate the lax, thin skin of the thighs to achieve more attractive, smooth thighs.

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Arm Lift

  • The arm lift treats sagging skin that hangs from the arms and creates the appearance of “bat wings.”
  • Besides the unwanted aesthetic appearance, this excess skin accumulation can cause uncomfortable chafing.
  • Additionally, liposuction can be used along the arms to treat small deposits of fat at the armpit and down the chest.

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Breast Lift

  • Women often develop laxity of the breasts following weight loss.
  • This can result in breast tissue that hangs below the inframammary line and nipple-areola complexes that are poorly positioned.
  • Lifting the breasts helps restore a more attractive and perky aesthetic.
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Neck Lift

  • Lax skin that accumulates along the neck can obscure the jawline, create a turkey wattle, or cause the appearance of a double chin.
  • A neck lift can help create a more youthful and defined facial appearance.
  • A small incision is placed under the chin, masking any resulting scarring.
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Additional Information


All sutures are self-dissolving. You are likely to experience bruising and swelling. Most patients can shower within 48 hours after surgery. A compression garment is worn throughout the recovery process to improve the quality of your results. Since we don’t tighten any muscles, there is minimal discomfort throughout your recovery. Most people can return to work within 10 to 14 days. Depending on the extent of correction and your comfort level, you can slowly return to your regular activities.


The amount and visibility of the scarring following your surgery will vary depending on the techniques needed to achieve your ideal contours. Patients who require more significant tissue removal may find that their scarring is more noticeable. However, scars are likely to fade over time, and many feel that the overall improvement in their physique is worth their presence. When possible, Dr. Rosen places incisions in areas that can easily be concealed by clothing.


The extent of correction will impact the final cost of your procedure. Dr. Rosen will provide you with a detailed quote during your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How soon after my weight loss can I undergo body lift surgery?

    For the best results, we recommend that body lift surgery only be undergone once you have reached and maintained your goal weight for several months. This is to ensure that future weight gain or loss doesn’t impact the quality of your results.

  • Can body lift surgery eliminate excess fat?

    You can treat stubborn deposits of fat by combining liposuction with any body lift technique. This is often done to improve the overall shape and tone of your physique.

  • What risks are associated with body lift surgery?

    Your risk of complications following body lift surgery is relatively low. As with all surgeries, you do pose some risk of infection, bleeding, and numbness. Drains may be placed to reduce the chances of fluid build up. Once you are healed, there is almost no risk of future complications.

  • Why should I consider combining procedures with a body lift?

    Body lift surgery is a combination of multiple body contouring techniques that improve your physique following weight loss, multiple pregnancies, or a combination of both. While all of these techniques can be performed individually, there are many benefits to combining them into a more extensive surgery. By undergoing multiple procedures together (as opposed to separately), you can reduce your recovery timeframe (since all of the areas will heal simultaneously) and, therefore, the time needed away from work and your day-to-day activities. This combination also reduces overall cost. With a body lift, all of the techniques are performed on the same day, minimizing facility and anesthesia fees, and more often than not, you will get a break on the price of the individual procedures.

    Additionally, with a body lift, you can assure that your contours will remain balanced.

  • Does insurance cover the cost of a body lift?

    Plastic surgery procedures are elective, and, traditionally, insurance does not cover elective surgeries. If you can prove that your excess skin (from massive weight loss) is significantly impacting your health, and is necessary, your insurance may contribute; however, this is far from guaranteed and will depend on the type and level of insurance that you have. Dr. Rosen is pleased to offer financing options through CareCredit® to help you cover the costs of your surgery so that you can make your cosmetic dreams a reality.

  • How does a body lift differ from an extended tummy tuck?

    An extended tummy tuck addresses excess fat, skin, and weakened muscles on the abdomen and slightly past the hips bones. While some of the areas treated are the same as those tightened with a body lift, these procedures are not interchangeable because the extended tummy tuck does not address the outsides of the thighs or lower back (like the lower body lift does).

    Alternatively, a circumferential tummy tuck involves an incision which extends entirely around the lower body (as does the lower body lift).

  • Are my body lift results permanent?

    Body lift surgery permanently removes hanging skin and localized fat. While the removed tissues cannot regenerate, this surgery does not prevent the body from gaining additional weight. Therefore, you must follow your body lift surgery with a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and exercise program. By implementing healthy habits, you can ensure that your results are long lasting, if not permanent.

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