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Turning Back the Clock

The natural decrease in collagen, the loss of volume in the fatty layer, and the pull of gravity can cause changes to the firmness of your features. Facial sagging can leave you with a prematurely aged appearance. The loss of collagen and tone in the skin contribute to laxity both in the surface and deeper tissues of the face, and at-home products do little to restore your skin’s elasticity and tightness. Facelift surgery revitalizes your appearance by tightening and rejuvenating the facial structures. When properly performed, facelift surgery achieves a natural result that “turns back the clock” many years without causing patients to look “done” and different.

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Dr. Rosen is more than a surgeon – he is a partner throughout. I had a waddling neck and prominent jowls and felt and looked every bit my 60 years. I had virtually no pain afterwards, and he saw me every day post operative to make sure I was healing well. People now think I am in my late 40’s and it is has restored my confidence and self esteem.

Targeted Facelift Correction

Treat Sagging Skin

Collagen loss leads to the thinning and weakening of your facial skin, causing sagging from the cheeks to the jawline. Drooping skin can hang at the jawline or extend down the neck, creating the appearance of jowls. A facelift trims away or tightens sagging skin for a more toned, attractive facial contour. It also repositions the fat to a more youthful position in the face.

Tighten Lax Muscles

Aging often occurs at the deeper levels of your face, resulting in drooping fascial layers. Targeting these deeper layers of laxity with our tightening allows us to avoid a “windswept” look, achieving more natural results. Tightening laxity internally gives your appearance a more solid foundation as well as longer-lasting results. The skin does not need to be pulled tight and therefore achieves a much more natural result.

Define Your Jawline

Loose tissue accumulation at the jawline can lead to the appearance of jowls. Additional laxity around the neck can completely obscure the definition of your jawline. To enhance the outline of the jawline, we lift the skin of the lower face and tighten the sagging features of the neck.

Tailored Facelift Procedures

Standard Facelift

  • The standard “SMAS” facelift targets the underlying structures of the face as well as the superficial skin layer.
  • It addresses laxity of the face by lifting the fascia to its younger position and removing the skin from the lower face and neck.
  • SMAS facelift results last longer than other techniques because it targets the structural layers of the face.
  • Results tend to be more natural, with an emphasis placed on highlighting your existing facial contour.
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Short Scar Facelift

  • Patients who require minimal correction of the lower face may benefit most from the short scar facelift.
  • This technique uses a smaller (shorter) incision to limit the visibility of any resulting scars.
  • The short scar technique is appropriate for treating aging of the mid-face in patients with mild amounts of excess skin around the jawline and neck.
  • The exact placement of the incisions during a short scar facelift varies between patients, depending on their facial features and hair growth. However, in most cases, it does eliminate the need for extended scars in the temple region and allows for shorter incisions behind the ear.
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Neck Lift

  • While a neck lift may be a standalone procedure, we often combine it with a facelift for comprehensive, balanced results. Adding some tightening to the jowl region enhances the definition of the jawline.
  • By tightening the platysma muscles, which form bands and stretch out, we can improve the appearance of a “turkey neck.”
  • A neck lift improves the appearance of vertical banding.
  • The combination of a facelift and neck lift often enhances the definition of the jawline for a more graceful transition.
  • There are non-surgical and surgical approaches to the neck. The degree of laxity is what determines which approach is the best for an individual.
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Combination Brow Lift

  • A brow lift is for patients who require correction of drooping brows in addition to lower facial rejuvenation. The hooding sometimes present under the eyebrows may not be eyelid skin but rather eyebrows that are too low in position.Proper positioning opens the upper eyelid area and makes the face look less tired. A common complaint from patients is that they are questioned why they look so tired or angry.
  • With incisions either placed back in the hair or at the anterior hairline in a woman with a high hairline, elevation of the brows, opening up the eye region, and softening the lines between the eyebrows can be achieved. These incisions are hidden nicely.
  • Addressing both the upper and lower face in one procedure results in more complete rejuvenation of the entire facial area, therefore leaving no “tells” that one area looks older than another.
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Additional Information


The procedure is performed under sedation or a light general anesthesia. There is almost no discomfort from the procedure. A wrap is placed for 24 hours to minimize bruising. It is then removed, and a light removable strap is applied. You may then shower and gently wash your face and hair region. You should rest for 48 to 72 hours with your head in an elevated position, but you can move around the house and can prepare light meals for yourself.

Most people are able to return to work within two weeks and social engagements after three weeks. You should avoid heavy physical activity during this time. Most swelling subsides completely in four to six weeks, and the facial appearance continues to improve over the next several months.


Incisions are placed in discreet locations to conceal the appearance of scars. Relieving tension placed on your incisions also aids in reducing the appearance of scarring. While makeup and hairstyles can be used to cover up any scarring that develops, all scars are likely to fade over time.


The cost of your facelift procedure will vary based on a number of factors. Technique(s) used, anesthesia fees, and facility fees all impact the total cost of your procedure. A detailed quote for your procedure is provided at the end of your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How old should I be before I undergo a facelift?

    Your age and the age your skin appears aren’t always the same. While we generally begin to see people in their 50s and 60s for facelift surgery, patients as young as 40 can benefit from correction. If you have sagging or drooping facial features, you should schedule a consultation to determine your best course of treatment.

  • Why should I choose facelift over injectables and fillers?

    Injectables, including BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers, are designed to treat wrinkles and volume loss. Some may provide a “liquid facelift.” The option of fillers vs. surgery will be discussed at the time of your consultation. Each patient is evaluated, and recommendations are made based on their concerns and needs. As fillers only last one to two years, it may end up being more cost-effective to perform the surgery, as it lasts nine to 10 years.

  • Can a facelift restore volume loss in my face?

    Sometimes. A facelift targets laxity or sagging facial features. If you have severe wrinkles or volume loss around the cheeks, the facelift will reposition the fat to a more youthful position, and then you can choose to add fat transfer or routine injectable treatments to refine your results.

  • Will my facelift results be permanent?

    While facelift results are long lasting, this procedure cannot permanently stop the clock. To prolong the quality of your results, drink plenty of water, avoid exposure to direct sunlight without proper sunblock, and do not smoke. In addition, continued usage of skin care products to keep the skin vibrant, toned, and healthy will prolong the result as well as improve the appearance of scars.

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