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ZO® Skin Health

ZO® Skin Health

Skin Care at the next level

A beautiful, flawless complexion can take work to achieve. The number of factors that impact the quality of your skin’s appearance can leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Returning the youthfulness and glow to your skin doesn’t always require invasive surgery or other procedures. A specially formulated, medical skin care routine can help achieve the skin tone and texture you’ve been looking for.

The Beauty of ZO® Skin Health

Our skin goes through changes as we age, and many people find that their skin “goes to sleep” around age 30 and becomes dull. Waking it up is the key to a revitalized appearance. This idea is the foundation of Dr. Zein Obagi’s ZO® Skin Health line. Dr. Rosen has worked closely with ZO® Skin Health and Dr. Obagi directly in Beverly Hills for several years because he believes in the proven, outstanding results this medical skin care line provides its patients. Dr. Rosen is on their Medical Advisory Board. ZO® is a world leader in creating beautiful, youthful complexions.

Versatile Treatment Options

ZO® Skin Health is known not only for its effectiveness but for the range of skin problems that can be treated with its products. ZO® has been used by teens, adults, men, and women to target their unique needs, providing consistent and outstanding results. A discussion with a trained professional can help you determine which ZO® Skin Health products are best suited for your skin concerns.

ZO® Skin Health Can Help Patients With:

  • Acute and chronic acne
  • Rosacea and other redness
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sun damage and brown spots
  • Hyperpigmentation, melasma
  • Sensitive skin
  • Laxity
  • Body skin issues

Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Care

How much skin care is necessary?

Skin care does not have to be complicated. However, many people are using over-the-counter products that do nothing for their skin health and nothing to target their root concerns. That is why medical-grade ZO® Skin Health products are so unique.

Most people benefit from using a small variety of high-quality products. When it comes to skin care, the quality of the products far exceeds the quantity of the products.

The perfect balance of products should leave your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, soft to the touch, and bright.

Most skin care routines include a good cleanser, hydrators, and sunscreen. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 or higher is your best defense against the harsh elements. Also, eye cream for the thin skin around the eyes is beneficial. Step 1 for ZO® products is GSR (Getting Skin Ready). This includes a wash, exfoliating polish, and appropriate toner or oil controlling pads.

At what age should I start using anti-aging treatments?

The general rule is to start an anti-aging regimen in your late 20s to early 30s. Investing early in the health of your skin will help slow down the aging process and delay its onset, helping you look and feel your best for a longer time.

When choosing your anti-aging products, only go for those that are made with safe and clinically proven ingredients, such as ZO® Skin Health. This should apply to all skin care products. All skin care products are not the same, even if they state the same ingredients.

How can I avoid wrinkles?

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. Over time, your skin loses elasticity and collagen and begins to show a wrinkled and saggy appearance. You can, however, delay the onset or minimize the appearance of aging skin by properly caring for it.

To do this, focus on applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day and use eye creams, retinol products, and other effective topical products that contain antioxidants and vitamin C to minimize premature aging.

What causes acne?

Acne is caused when skin pores become clogged. Different reasons contribute to this, including overproduction of oil in the sebaceous glands, hormonal imbalances, and environmental factors.

If you have acne, it is recommended to wash your face gently with a mild cleanser, exfoliate as directed, minimize the usage of heavy makeup, and use high end products like ZO® to control oils and properly stimulate the skin.

How often should I exfoliate my skin?

Exfoliation is ideal two to three times weekly/max. We recommend our complexion clearing program which gently exfoliates skin cells to help unclog pores. Be careful not to use harsh products that lead to further dryness or sensitivity, causing acne.

You want to use high-quality products that do not strip the skin of necessary balance. Preferably, use products that contain a hydrating ingredient. Try to avoid heavy moisturizers which clog pores.

What should I do about dark spots?

The two leading causes of dark spots are UV exposure and hormonal changes. Your skin can also develop uneven spots due to a build-up of dead skin cells.

Certain serums, creams, or hydrators, especially those containing vitamin C, can help to clear dark spots and reveal a clearer skin tone. The best treatment option, however, may depend on the cause and size of the dark spots.

If necessary, your doctor may recommend other skin rejuvenating cosmetic procedures, such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing treatments, microdermabrasion, etc., to eliminate dark spots. We believe that aggressive peels or laser treatments should not be performed until the skin is prepped with skin care products to control pigment and start the stimulation of cells, i.e., Retinol.

Why should I choose skin care from my plastic surgeon?

We have a range of ZO® Skin Health products suited for your skin concerns. For more information on achieving beautiful, ageless skin, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 203-899-0000 or fill our online form to schedule a consultation. Feel free to browse through our range of products here.

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